Henselite MPS 34 Casual


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The MPS34 Casual has all the style and comfort of a casual shoe with a Bowls Australia approved sole. Head straight from the street to the green with no need to change your shoes. Perfect for roll ups, social or competitive play. 

All Henselite men's shoes are listed in UK sizes 

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Henselite MPS 34 Casual Size 6

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Henselite MPS 34 Casual Size 7

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The MPS34 Casual features:

• Superior construction from the best quality materials for long term durability.
• Suede-look natural leather upper to provide all-day comfort.
• Light-weight rubber non-slip sole designed to flex with bowler foot movement.
• Ankle support for comfort & stability.
• Anti-bacterial inner-sole with moisture wicking and metatarsal support.
• Toe protector to prevent wear on upper during bowling action.
• Durable heel counter to prevent wear.
• Large easy grip heel loops.
• Lace stabilizer to keep shoe firmly laced.
• Additional airflow mechanisms across toe to keep wearer cool.
• Latex orthopaedic mid-sole for comfort and support.

Bowls Australia approved.

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Shoe Model MPS 34
Gender Mens